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Calendar for Boot Camps

Boot Camps are offered in 4 week sessions. The week following each session is considered an “off-week” to give your body an opportunity to rest and recover. Typically, I typically offer 1 or 2 classes during the “off weeks” provided Boot Camp participants are interested.

Session Dates

Fall 2020

August 10th - September 4th

4 week session

September 7th - 11th

2 classes will be offered this week

September 14th - October 9th

4 week session

October 12th - 16th

2 classes will be held this week

October 19th - November 13th

4 week session

Nov. 16th - Dec.18th

This will be a 4 week session with a couple of days offered the week of Thanksgiving

Winter 2020-21

Dec.21st - January 4th


January 4th - 29th

4 week Session

February 1st - 5th

2 classes will be offered

February 8th -March 5th

4 week session

Spring 2021

March 8th - April 2nd

4 week session

April 5th - 9th

No classes

April 12th - May 7th

4 week session

Summer 2021

May 10th - 28th

3 week session

June 7th -July 2nd

4 week session

Check out what our clients say about us

"I have tried many trainers, bootcamps and workout routines over the years and I can honestly say Tonya and TLC Fitness is by far my favorite. I never would have thought I would become a dedicated 5:30 am bootcamper, but here I am, 2 years in, and I am completely hooked! Not only does Tonya provide an incredible workout that's different every time, the group of participants in her camps are incredibly welcoming, supportive and friendly. Once you meet Tonya, that will be no surprise as she attracts clients that are just as wonderful as she is. I adore my TLC Fitness bootcamp family and highly recommend Tonya!"


2-year bootcamper 🙂

"Over the past several years, I have gone from couch potato to running my first half marathon this year. Tonya can take you from wherever you are to wherever you want to go physically. She's your coach, mentor and friend. TLC Complete is the best decision I make everyday and I have found some really great gals to work out with as well as calling them my friends. We push each other to be better at life!!"


"Bootcamp has been a part of my life for many years. The reason I come back is because it is never boring! Tonya genuinely cares about each of us and works hard to help us meet our fitness goals. More importantly she cares about the whole person. Emotional and physical wellbeing go hand in hand and when you can laugh at yourself and join the class laughing at Ellen (she always deserves it) Tonya’s mission has been accomplished."


"Although I just started Bootcamp, I have found Tonya to be a great coach, providing modifications as needed and encouraging me to work at different weight levels to boost strength. I love that everyday is different and she mixes it up. Tonya and the Bootcamp participants are so nice, welcoming and care which makes getting up early easier to do. Thanks Tonya!"


"Boot Camp with Tonya Larson has consistently kept my weight in the healthy range for years. Tonya is always willing to offer modifications to workouts whenever I need them. She pushes me to be stronger and fitter than I ever would be without her class. Plus, we all manage to have so much fun throughout the workout. She varies the workouts daily. She combines strength with cardio, plus, gives lots of much needed encouragement. "


"I've been working out with Tonya as my trainer since January of 2015.

I can't say enough wonderful things about her and her classes. We work hard, but are still able to have fun doing it. Tonya is knowledgeable about what works, and frequently brings new exercises to our class. It is ever-changing, we never get bored, and I am always surprised to feel a good kind of sore after a particularly hard workout.

In addition to the great workouts we get, there is also an amazing feeling of family and friendship. Tonya genuinely cares about all of us, and I consider her and the other boot campers to be my good friends. When someone new comes along, they are welcomed right away to the group, and they are accepted and encouraged.

I can honestly say, before I found this bootcamp, I didn't stick to anything for very long. I've now been doing this for over five years, and I have no plans to stop anytime soon. "


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